About Me

I dove head first into reviving and creating furniture, and I love it; maybe a little too much. The thrill of working with each piece wakes me up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and I often don’t stop until the mosquitoes come out Sunday night. I feel for my neighbors who hear my tools running all weekend. They usually stop by and ask, “What are you making now?”

Each piece has a history to me. Whether the seller tells me a story or it’s a lonely chair on the side of the road, I feel it’s my duty to make old things new… Which comes to the name: Faire Nouveau. Translated from French: Faire – to make, Nouveau – new. I wanted a name that reflects my roots grounded in a city influenced by French culture. New Orleans’s laissez-faire ways reflect the versatility of French style. From elegant Parisian style to rustic French country - it all comes together.

I want to share how I create and transform pieces: made new – from trash to treasure. I will share what I learned as a fabricator and an artist; ease the fear of working with power tools and simple tricks that any person with a touch of creativity can use.

Please be patient with me, as I hope to become more blog and technologically savvy, but I suppose that, like New Orleans, it all gets better with a little time and patience.