Saturday, June 11, 2011

Almost There

After 2 long days working on the cabinets for my "workshop" I was ready for it for it to be done!! But I still had 3 days left.

One of the most useful tools I’ve used when I build is the pocket-hole jig. It allows you to drill at an agle into the wood to make a sturdy bond. What I love about it is that any DIYer can handle it. You just need a drill and this small, inexpensive gadget. I would also recommend using the pocket-hole screws. They have worked the best for me to keep the wood from splitting.

When building the face of the frame, lay the frame on the ground and place ALL of the cabinet doors on the frame to make sure they will all fit and all the doors will swing open at the same time. I only did this with half the doors and it cost me some headaches in the end.

I used painter’s caulk in the seams before I primed to make the piece look, well, seamless. Smooth out the bead of caulk with your finger (wear latex gloves) and sand any lumps after it dries. I used a roller to smooth out the brush strokes and a paint that matched the trim in my house. I used a can of frosted glass spray paint to hide the tools in my “fancy” workshop.(I'm still working on the quality of my frosted glass)

Everything is secured to the studs - the bottom cabinets, the base of the cabinet and about 10 points inside the cabinet as well. She’s not going anywhere. I’m thinking of putting open shelving in the open space at the bottom and perhaps a pull out table top for more working area and desk work. 

And Before...

Some girls need custom cabinets to store their shoes, I need one to store my tools! ;)

The spice shelving works perfectly for what I need.


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