Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Rusty Rose Garden

My weekly trip to the salvage yard doesn't always pay off. I go and the inspiration just isn’t there.
This trip was quite the opposite!

I was in the process of revamping a guest room and I needed a headboard. The walls were grey and the bedding was an Oatmeal Linen fabric - Target's Simply Shabby Chic.

I had found some wood based/linen shaded lamps at Marshall’s and a pair of soft grey wood and iron bedside tables at T.J. Maxx. 

So the room was in need of a rustic, yet chic headboard to bring the room together. That’s when I came across this rusty mess of iron work:

The width was perfect for the full size bed. I got it home and scraped it down with a wire brush and vinegar - and then I realized I should have gotten one for a foot-board. I rushed back over to the salvage yard and as I walked up to claim my treasure, a man says, “I’ll take them all!” I pleaded with him for just one more, but he wouldn’t budge. Some things happen for a reason, I suppose.

Defeated, I went back home and continued working. I think all the Rustoleum fumes made me forget about my defeat…The roses also made me feel better.  

I used a total of six ½” square hook screws secured in the wall studs to prop the headboard against the wall. And as a bonus, my “work-table” that sat on the sawhorses ended up as artwork in that same room.


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  1. Looks awesome -- love all of your projects!! So glad to hear you're going for it!

    And can't wait to hear more about how to use those power tools. I am definitely afraid of everything other than the drill. :)