Friday, June 17, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I used to go to flea markets only to find exactly what I was looking for. If that's your approach to flea markets, you won't have much success. I just didn't have enough DIY influence to see past the neon green side-table or the yellow velvet accent chair. But now that the intimidation has subsided, the possibilities are abundant.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was browsing among the sea of furniture and knick-knacks. Most of the vendors weren't even at their shops (which makes it impossible to bargain, much less buy anything!) but there was one man sorting through his mess of a shop. An obstacle course is the only way to fully scope the place out. 

I barely saw this chair among the rubble because it was being used as a stand for a huge chandelier.

After a few jumps over some old rugs, I was able to look it over and it was in great shape. 
And as I pulled it out to safety, I also noticed this....

An Antique Miter Saw. This was an impulse purchase, but it has so much more character than my new green and black miter saw

I'll never use it, but I like even more knowing that it didn't cost much. 

But back to my chair...

My chair obviously needed a seat. I used some leftover plywood from the workshop cabinet I built and traced the outline of the seat. 

I used my jig saw to cut out the seat pattern. The pattern was used to cut out the foam for the seat.

I used batting to secure the foam to the wood and used a canvas fabric for the seat.
I used Annie Sloan's Paris Grey as a base coat and used a dry brush of Old White on top. 
A finishing wax helped give the chair a soft finish. 

I love making furniture functional again!

I have PLENTY of projects this weekend! I know I won't be able to finish them all, but even a few completed projects will satisfy me!


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