Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bedside Tables

When I moved into my new place a few years ago, I was adventurous enough to build my own bedside tables - and by build, I mean stacking moving boxes filled with books and other non-essential items. It takes talent to balance a lamp at just the right angle of a drooping box top!

It wasn't until a few months later that I found a liquidation store that sells used furniture. Recently, it's been described as a place where hotel furniture goes to die, but the furniture has potential, options are endless, and the prices don't hurt either. These were a little rough looking, but I liked them - not to mention they were the perfect size.

It only took me 18 months to finally realize they needed a little updating. I went to Home Depot, picked out my paint, and by the end of the week, I could barely look at them anymore.

I first removed the knobs and lightly sprayed them with Rustoleum Metallic Satin Nickel...

And after removing the doors, drawer and lightly sanding down the tables, I painted them with a green base coat, using a dry brush technique around the details to accentuate them.

I topped with a coat of Behr Paris Grey.

I rubbed a dark brown tinted faux glaze around the accents to give it an antique look. 

Not all furniture is meant to die in a liquidation warehouse!


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