Friday, June 10, 2011

A Motivational Factor

Unfortunately, in order to become organized, you have to tear everything apart and put it back together. And when an organization project takes you 5 days to complete, the mess becomes a motivational factor. Here's the proof:

The starting point (which every project should have) came from a craigslist post. Someone was selling pull-out kitchen spice shelves. They’re too small for laundry bottles, but just the right size for quart sized paint cans and other knick-knacks. I found doors for $8/ea and they were in great shape. The square edges didn’t match the beveling on the cabinet doors, so I used a router with a roman ogee bit so the look would be uniform.

After taking measurements, I started to put it all together. I have never used building plans, but I’ve had plenty of practice on smaller pieces to know how to troubleshoot before the problems occur.  Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Here is the beginning of the frame work. I like the character of reclaimed wood, but I felt safer with sturdy, new wood.


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