Monday, July 4, 2011

4th & Long

Happy 4th!

Long, 3 day weekends are the best for projects. I've got plenty in the works, but not all are fully completed.

I spent a lot of time removing laquer from a piece I'm doing for a client. Removing laquer is easy, but when you're doing a large piece, it becomes messy and tedious.

I start with a light sanding...
...and poured some laquer thinner in a plastic cup. I used a 2" paint brush to apply the laquer thinner. As you can see, the laquer will start to remove immediately. Chemical resistant gloves and rags are a must.
I worked in small areas, wiping off each small section as I went.

This is what the end product will start too look like. If there's paint underneath, you'll need paint thinner and a metal scraper to remove it.

I'm also working on building living room furniture. My inspiration: 4 window sashes + 8 spindles + 1 pile of hardwood = 2 end tables and 1 cabinet.

I'm hoping to turn them item into this...

Please notice how technical my drawings are! : )

I hope to post my finished projects this week!


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