Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Finish Line

It's so refreshing to complete a project that's been "in the works" for, what seems like, forever.

When I have people over to my house, I bring them around to show them my pieces. I love being able to say "I made it." I hate having to add, "But it still needs a little work." I know it's not necessary to point out the flaws, but I feel like I'm reminding myself - "Finish it, Kristin!"

I made this huge drum light fixture for my dining room using a combination of steel strapping, polystyrene, contact cement, spray adhesive, fabric and fishing line. It's definitely a statement piece.

It adds a warmth to the dining room when lit as opposed to the original, very modern, steel light fixture. I kept the original fixture as a mount for my drum shade.

It's been almost a year since I made it, but I never got around to putting a bottom shade on the drum. The direct light felt like an interrogation room instead of a dining room. But the new bottom shade finally completes the project. No more disclaimers. It's d.o.n.e.

I also completed a piece for a client.


Overall, it's a very nice piece, but the old stain had a green tint to it.

The client wanted a raw wood finish - which is a look I love.

I disassembled it into pieces and created what looked like a crime scene for furniture. 

I stripped it, sanded it, applied a wood conditioner and a finishing wax. 

I like the fact that it's not polished. The extra time to strip the varnish showcased the beauty of the wood.

Another piece done and looking forward to returning to its owner.


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