Friday, July 8, 2011

Child's Chair

A rustic yet soft finish is my safe, go-to option when I refinish furniture. But when I was redoing a
child's chair, I wanted to break away from my usual finishes. I wanted color.

Originally, this yard sale find was dark, dirty and broken. An old stuffed bear was sitting in this chair, next to a table of old shoes. The seller offered the bear as part of the package, but I declined - maybe a little too fast because she seemed hurt I didn't want the stuffed toy.

I repaired the broken arm by cutting off as little of the split wood as possible.

Using a new piece of wood (cut at the same angle) and a Dremel tool, I formed a new arm for the chair.


I primed it with a coat of white. 

And finished it with a coat of Oops paint.

I had some fun fabric that I've been dying to use. I paired it with green ribbons for ties on the back.

Even Eeyore approves!


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