Monday, July 11, 2011

The Thrill of What I Do

You know that nervous feeling before turning in a final product - the butterflies, the angst, the final critique of your work? Not to mention that nagging question after you put so much work into something– Is it good enough?

Well, that was me yesterday – and pretty much every time I refinish a piece. It’s not that I question the quality of my work, I just hope the new owners share the same love for the piece that I have.

This picture was the first introduction to my latest work: Three separate Craigslist-finds that, together, looked like they belonged to the Adams’ family. 

The worst part was finding an original cream paint with a champagne gold trim underneath. Why? Why? Why would you spray over that with black lacquer? I can’t explain it, but it really frustrated me...

...but I got over it. And I kept working on it.

And kept working on it. 

And painted it. And waxed it.  

And fell in love with it. 
When I arrived, the clients helped me unload it. With a grin, the wife tapped her husband on the arm and said, “Look at it, B! From what it used to be…”

We put it in their living room - and it was home. The walls, the fireplace mantle, the light fixtures – they all welcomed it. 

The anxiety finally turned to excitement. It all adds to the thrill of what I do.



  1. It's always nice to get that final approval! Good job!!

  2. I absolutely love it and couldn't be happier with the outcome. It is gorgeous. Thank you for making all 3 pieces work together so wonderfully!!! Paula (the proud owner).